How to Jump-start Your Business as an Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur has been there. That moment you realize your business isn’t working the way you planned. It seems like there are a million things to fix and you don’t know where to start.

The Jump-start process is simple and effective yet can seem contrary to what our fear-driven mind wants to do. 

More often than not, the entrepreneur’s solution to a flailing business is “I’ll do more.” But, more effort is not the answer. More clarity is.

Bringing Clarity To Your Business Growth Strategy

Clarity. How do you find that?

Make a list of all of the things that aren’t working. Breathe. Now the set the list aside. You see, that list is filled with symptoms that can cause you to run in circles. 

Instead, find the ONE thing that if you focused on it, would cause your business to move forward. This is key, especially when it feels like there are a million things not working and a million things to do.

Unfortunately, what most of us do is shift our focus from one fire to the next all the while ignoring the root cause of what started the fire.

Identifying Where to FOCUS  

To jump-start our business is to look for root causes, and the ONE thing that if we focused exclusively on it, would cause the business to grow. Not symptoms, not fires, but that ONE thing that would make the biggest difference. 

Here’s a great example:

The most common thing that isn’t working for most entrepreneurs is “not enough clients or revenue.” 

Believe it or not: That’s a symptom. It’s not the root cause. 

The root cause could be that you aren’t doing enough demand generation activity or, what you’re doing isn’t working. 

These are very different problems (root causes). The solution to each of these possible root causes is dramatically different.

Which is it? How do you know? Ah…we will get to that. 

Here’s another example: 

“I get lots of people interested, but no one buys.” Believe it or not, but that’s a symptom too.

Are they not buying because the price is too high? Or too low? Are they not buying because they don’t see the value? These are the types of questions to ask and represent very different problems to solve.

Identifying ONE root cause of your business’ lack of progress is the most important step. 

What’s Next?

The second step is mindset. To focus on just that one thing for now. I mean laser focus; never say die focus; there has to be a way focus; never gonna quit focus. 

Now, how do you know what will solve that one problem? 

That’s the best part. You don’t immediately.

You simply have to try different things, kind of like a scientist in a lab, who has a clear hypothesis and is testing it. Try one thing at a time and measure the results. Try comparative A/B tests. What moves the needle? 

You see, the solution to the problem is to first have a clear understanding of the root cause of the problem you are going to solve. Once you know that, and once you get clear test results, the solutions and breakthroughs are imminent.

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