We are a business growth community for conscious entrepreneurs. Shift/Co is co-created by conscious entrepreneur FOR conscious entrepreneurs. 

Our vision is to “Elevate Business to Shift Humanity.” We are passionately dedicated to elevating your business through business growth strategies, personal development, as well as the development of conscious leadership skills.

Shift/Co creates customized growth pathways for you and your business that uniquely blends weekly virtual on-demand training lead by a Master Teacher, 1:1 coaching with a Master Teacher, and a supportive peer community to propel your impact.



The Shift/Co™ team are seasoned conscious entrepreneurs with decades of experience building conscious companies. ​​​​​

Each member receives a personal mentor and a Business Coach who have already grown a conscious business using Shift/Co’s platform. Our programs show you specifically HOW to grow your business successfully, and scale it to new heights.

Shift/Co™ isn’t about one person, or a single method, which is why we incorporate dozens of world-class master teachers from around the globe.

The best partOur platform provides each member with a customized learning pathway to get from where you are, to where you want to go.