Don’t Be a Fool: 5 Tips to Succeed as a Conscious Entrepreneur

April Fool’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, mainly because it reminds me of my grandfather. He taught me about karma and often said “Love is like a get what you throw out.” In his memory, I created a fun and important list of guidelines for authentic businesses, more specifically conscious entpreneurs.

5 Tips to Succeed as a Conscious Entrepreneur

  1. Don’t be a fool by trying to GET people to buy.

  2. Don’t be a fool by stealing (or copying, or repackaging) another leader’s work.

  3. Don’t be a fool by diminishing your light.

  4. Don’t be a fool by pretending to be something you’re not.

  5. Don’t be a fool by avoiding fear.

Don’t be a fool by trying to GET people to buy 

Lead magnets, squeeze pages, discounting and automated emails don’t work because their intention is to try to GET people to buy from you. Mastering authentic demand principles is essential for conscious entrepreneurs because you’ll both grow faster and feel better about sales. Plus, it allows you to focus on what you do best. 

So...don’t be a fool, authenticity is your crown jewel.


Don’t be a fool by stealing or repackaging someone else’s work.

There is no gray when it comes to intellectual property. If someone’s work is good enough for you to want to copy it, rest assured that karma is waiting if you don’t honor the originator’s genius. ALWAYS give attribution to the original source of a powerful method. Anytime you learn how to do something, you’re using someone else’s intellectual property and should give them credit.

Don’t be a fool, attribution is the right thing to do.


Don’t be a fool by diminishing your light. 

An interesting thing about conscious leadership is that truly conscious leaders are simultaneously amazing yet intensely afraid of their power. This juxtaposition is the hallmark of conscious leadership because it is rooted in authentic humility. If you frequently fear your own power, trust that as a good sign! Realize that dimming your light, lessens your impact. 

To avoid misusing power, simply stay in alignment by checking your intention.

Oprah highlighted the power of intention in a blog that changed my life. The simple act of clarifying your intention before acting, will dramatically increase your ability to be simultaneously powerful and truly authentic. To check your intention just ask yourself, what is my intention for (insert anything). It can be a conversation, a blog, a product launch, a podcast, or a new program.

Don’t be a fool, authentic power rules!


Don’t be a fool by pretending to be something you’re not. 

Authenticity is key in a conscious business. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out. Many times being completely up front about what you know and don’t know will get more respect and attention than faking it until you make it, Besides that can be sniffed out easier than you think, and then living with your own imposter syndrome will suck the life out of your mojo. Your mistakes, failures, limitations and scars are your best source of inspiration. They are a key reason why your work matters. True leaders accept who they are and see their way to success.

Don’t be a fool, being you is cool! 


Don’t be a fool by avoiding fear.

Fear is the #1 cause of disease, mistrust and mediocrity.  Learn how to face every fear, and you’ll accelerate your ability to succeed. “Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear” (George Addair). So, look fear in the face, and breathe through the discomfort. Release the energy of the fear.

Don’t be a fool, fear is your friend.


If you are ready to springboard into your true power and achieve authentic business success, we invite you to attend one of our upcoming events where we share insightful tips on how to grow your business as a conscious entrepreneur. 


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With the soulfulness of Wayne Dyer and the entrepreneurial spirit of Richard Branson, Terri is a world-class business growth expert, social impact investor, and serial entrepreneur whose purpose is to inspire potential. With her own money, Terri built a portfolio of purposeful companies, Share On Purpose, Inc., and now invests in and creates mission-driven start-ups.

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