Conscious Leadership is the Path to a Better World

Abigail “Abby” Stason is a social activist with 35 years of professional experience as an Integrative Leader, Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant, Group Facilitator, and author of Evolution Revolution: Conscious Leadership for an Information Age. She also serves as a Master Teacher for Shift/Co: the business growth platform for entrepreneurs who want to make the world better. In short, she is a thought leader and facilitator of embodiment.

Our interview with Abby was as follows:

Q: What is Conscious Leadership? 

It is the year 2021. Industries are being turned upside down. Social media is exposing how we struggle to relate and co-exist in the world. The world was blind-sided by the COVID pandemic. As a result of these phenomena, a new paradigm for leadership is being revealed: Conscious Leadership.

In this information age, the most essential commodities are knowledge and the ability to collaborate in a global economy. We must be agile and mature with a strong mind to meet the demands of today. Every industry is affected by technology. Technology is advancing faster than we are as a species, and we’re playing catch up. It is through cooperation that we can meet this challenge. There is a sense of urgency for awakened action, for Conscious Leadership.

A CONSCIOUS LEADER’S EXISTENCE IS ABOUT PRESENCE NOT EGO. A conscious leader is awake to themselves, has extraordinary self-awareness, and the agility to act congruently with what’s happening. At the core of conscious leadership is mastery of presence. The Conscious Leader facilitates the ideal environment to move in concert with what wants to happen in the world. For them, it’s about being aware of the truth in the moment and speaking and aligning with it no matter the consequences. To follow through on the truth requires great courage; therefore, a Conscious Leader is a courageous leader. 

Q: How does Conscious Leadership differ from other leadership styles? 

Being a conscious and awakened human being is not for the faint of heart. So how is conscious leadership different and more effective? Consider these points as differentiators:

  • A Conscious Leader is guided by presence and deeper wisdom instead of fear, ego, or conditioning. 
  • A Conscious Leader is not tone-deaf to what’s happening around them, and on the planet.
  • A Conscious Leader creates the conditions to meet situations and knows when they can’t – they bring a sense of humility to their existence.
  • A Conscious Leader is a connected leader – connected to self and others.
  • A Conscious Leader makes the truth their primary focus – NO MATTER WHAT – even when it’s inconvenient.
  • A Conscious Leader is committed to lifelong learning.
  • A Conscious Leader takes personal and collective responsibility.
  • Conscious Leaders are able to challenge their assumptions at any time.
  • To reiterate, a Conscious Leader is guided by presence and NOT their ego.

Q: What can leaders do to start thinking more consciously? 

Consciousness is a practice. The moment-to-moment practices you put into play every day will raise your consciousness. Conscious Leaders raise their awareness through self-inquiry. They investigate their experience by asking:

  • How am I showing up right now?
  • Am I here and present?
  • Am I leading for the good of all or for my personal agenda because my ego is here?
  • Am I congruent with what this business situation needs?
  • Am I avoiding anything or creating conflict?
  • Am I conscious of my actions or running on autopilot?
  • What is normalized in my organization - presence, or drama?
  • Where am I stereotyping or excluding anyone who is different than me?
  • What are my practices? What are the behavioral skills I regularly cultivate?

Q: How can conscious leaders influence and encourage a mindset shift in their organization?

The first step to encouraging a mindset shift in your organization is to embody leadership as facilitation. To consciously facilitate means to make a situation easier or less difficult. Your goal as a leader is to be a facilitator - to bring ease to every situation and experience. This starts with you. The more conscious you are as a leader the more you invite consciousness in others. As you implement your personal leadership, team, and organizational practices, you will see a shift to an evolved culture of innovation and connectedness.

Q: What resources are available for conscious leaders? 

Keep learning simple – pick a skill and start practicing. 
Below is some guidance:

  1. My book of skills: Evolution Revolution, is a “workbook” anyone can use to start learning.
  2. Download my free Conscious Leader Practices library of worksheets and additional resources.
  3. Download my white paper: “Navigating Fear: Mastering the Human Condition.”
  4. One-on-one Executive Coaching – I offer sessions to help leaders learn how to apply and maintain their development.
  5. Treat your team to workshops, offsite retreats, and scalable programs for accelerated learning.
  6. Refer to my blog for continued learning.
  7. Practice! Practice! Practice!

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As a disrupter, Abby is committed to a new social awareness in favor of exposing old and limited social/human structures that are no longer of service giving way to the experience of peace, freedom, and truth in the world. In short, she helps leaders, teams, and organizations wake up.

How can companies get more information on Abby and Conscious Leadership? 

For more information, visit Abby’s website or follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

To learn more about conscious leaders who are making an impact, join us on April 7th for a FREE webinar event. Register here.

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