2021 Marketing Trends for Conscious Entrepreneurs Featuring Kevin Dooley

Serial entrepreneur turned business growth expert with a passion for inspiring creativity, Kevin Dooley has seen it all. From leading the marketing department at his local phone company to creating a successful burrito business to founding a SaaS tech company, Kevin has experienced first-hand how to attract and retain buyers. Kevin wants to share his successes and failures with other entrepreneurs and give them meaningful insights for creating, capturing, and delivering value throughout the buyer/customer journey. 

Our interview with Kevin was as follows:

Q: What are the top 5 marketing trends conscious entrepreneurs should keep top of mind in 2021? 

  1. Purpose-driven brands will continue to capture the attention of buyers. Consumers want to do business with people and companies that care about more than profit.
  2. Smart brands are going all in on customer-centricity. Your CX focus is no longer enough. The customer should be at the center of every aspect of your business.
  3. Authentic experiences drive conversations. Be transparent. Cut the B.S. and limit the automated emails.
  4. COVID panic-pivots will lead to new ways to engage buyers. Be creative with touch points. Your Zoom or mine?
  5. Voice-activated content will continue to grow as users begin to ask more than “What’s the temperature outside?” If you’re not using a digital assistant - start now.

Q: For solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses, what marketing tactics are essential to growth?

  • Talk to buyers. Understand their needs & wants.
  • Lock down your differentiation and positioning in a way that matters to your buyers.
  • Create messaging that looks through the lens of the buyer. 
  • Use LinkedIn to target the buyers you’d love to work with.
  • Focus on delivering value over the entire customer journey (CLV).
  • Make data-driven decisions on pivots.

Q: Any advice for entrepreneurs that may be struggling to find time for marketing? 

As Mark Twain said - “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” 
Start with a small chunk of what you’d like to do and schedule this time on your calendar. 
Do a little bit every day until it becomes a part of your routine. Build on that.


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Kevin Dooley is a Shift/Coach and active member of the Shift/Co community dedicated to elevating conscious business success to shift humanity. 

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