The Rise of Something Better

Dec 22, 2020

As we near the end of the challenging year forever known as 2020, there is much to be grateful for.


From the realization that we’re all connected (a good reason to wear masks in public), to the powerful reminder that HOME is where the heart is, to a deeper sense that we can find everything we seek by simply looking within. 


If we look a little deeper, we may also notice a shift in the way we collaborate, create, and grow into a better way to do business. A recent study from Good.Must.Grow highlights powerful facts with one conclusion: trust matters. 




The irony of this insight (trust matters) is that the world still feels very unstable and uncertain – so much so that trust can seem hard to come by.


What’s exciting, however, is that trust is what we get when we seek to serve rather than sell, when we lead with purpose followed by profit, and when we understand that meaning is more important than money. Yet we need both to make an impact. 


The key to trust is not looking “out there”…to the economy, political leaders, friends, or even master teachers we learn from. 


Trust is about going within, knowing what’s right for you, finding your own path, seeking your own light to illuminate the way forward.  


In business that means that the answer isn’t out there, garnered from some expert, but rather from methods you learn from a variety of people, and tools you apply in a way that works for you. 


That’s why we created a platform of tools and techniques customized for each member, and aligned around what you need to create the success you deserve. 


Since there are now an estimated 3 million conscious entrepreneurs in the world, each seeking to make the world better THROUGH their business…there has never been a better time to grow and scale a purposeful business than in 2021.  


This next year does indeed offer a RISE of something better. That “something better” will come from owning our true power, illuminating our purpose in the world, and focusing on how we can make a meaningful impact as we generate financial success. 


To help you accelerate success in this promising new year, Shift/Co offers a powerful line-up of events to showcase many of our proven methods:

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