Most entrepreneurs have an ambitious can-do mentality which is great! But that doesn't mean they have to trudge along in their business journey as a lone wolf or to control as many strings as possible in order to get things done. Understandably, when a person goes into business to create a solution, it may trickle into a feeling of being attached to their ‘baby.’ But over time, trying to create and build a business by yourself with no guidance or team will lead to overwhelm and fatigue. What is the sense of building something of value and that you can love when you cannot even enjoy the journey?  


It is ok to let go of some control; it is ok to have some space between you and your dream business so others can help; most importantly it is ok to give your mind some breathing room and have someone capable of piecing your puzzle with you. In fact, when you can allow all of the above, chances are, your business will grow much faster! It will enable you to be more, and have more by working smarter.  


A coach can help facilitate your self-discovery, the identification of your goals and the prioritization of those goals. Your coach will help you create your action plan as well as prepare for and overcome any challenges you encounter along the way. Your coach will hold you accountable for taking consistent action toward the realization of your goals. Accountability is one of the greatest payoffs of coaching. It is so powerful because it can make all the difference in terms of you being a Goal Achiever instead of just a Goal Setter and someone who walks the walk instead of just talking the talk.  


Think of your coach as your success partner, whose reason for being is to help you get what you want quicker, easier and with better results than you could on your own. Having clarity takes the guesswork out of things. That way, you will be able to evaluate all future investment opportunities that contribute to your purpose, your vision, your values and your goals. 


Top Myths About Hiring a Coach

“But I already know everything I need to know about my own business” 

Perhaps you do! However, often someone from the outside can help provide objective perspectives that can be missed. When you’re working in and on your business 24/7, it can be easy to get so wrapped up in it, that connecting the dots can become fuzzy. It can be easy for decisions to be made out of emotional attachments rather than a neutral viewpoint.  


“I can’t allocate budget for a coach” 

Understandably, running a business requires a tremendous amount of budget. But the benefits of being a business owner is the ability to be creative with where your capital can flow. If you really don’t have any extras, perhaps capital can be decreased somewhere. For instance, what if you decreased your advertising budget to hire a coach that can help deliver results that can 10x what your advertising typically does? There are several ways to work around budgeting.  


“Coaches are just wanting your money” 

Yes, there are many coaches that do not act out of integrity. Unfortunately, that is a fact of the coaching industry, but it does exist in every industry. Being able to decipher who is a coach that will truly have your best interest and go the extra mile for you is probably the most important decision to make in having a coach.  I would spend the extra time and research. Look through reviews, ask for referrals, ask the coach for a free discovery call to get a feel of their demeanor and personality, and if possible, talk with someone who has hired him/her before.  


“I’ve read thousands of books on business.” 

That’s great you put in that time! But information alone will not get you results. You cannot expect that your sales will automatically increase just because you read the Guru of Sales’ latest book and you can’t assume that your monthly expenses will automatically organize themselves just because you purchased the newest expenses tracking software. Also, with so much information out there, sometimes contradicting each other, it can become confusing and overwhelming to choose which to commit to. Some entrepreneurs will end up not doing anything at all while others try all of them at once. A coach can help you balance and put into action what’s necessary for your business and at what phase.  


“I’m already in tune with myself and act on what I feel guided to do” 

Amazing! Most people struggle with that. How much better would it be if there was someone that can increase your inspired perspectives 10-fold? Someone who can be your sounding board when you get the aha moments, which can lead to more aha moments? Someone who can help fine tune the inspirations into bite-size practical steps?  


“My friends and family are my coaches and sounding board” 

That goes back to the point where someone who comes from a neutral place is best at providing you with out of the box perspectives. Family and friends are a great network if they support your mission. But it’s unlikely they can take a truly neutral stance with absolutely no bias. Family and friends want their loved ones to be happy and safe; but the journey of the entrepreneur can bring temporary challenges that will stunt the illusion of happiness and safety. Sometimes you will go through stress to get to that deep joy, sometimes you won’t feel safe as you venture into the unknown that ends up leading you to more than you thought possible.   


At the end of the day, having a coach is ideal for those entrepreneurs that are creating a business that is much greater than themselves, an entity that can have a tremendous impact because those types of results need someone who not only implement practical strategies but are adamant about their own personal self-growth and can welcome someone who can push them out of their comfort zone. The conscious entrepreneur who has a good conscious coach is unstoppable.  


"I’ve had several coaches before meeting Terri but it was the usual pay thousands of dollars for a coaching program and left to my own devices after the program ended. I’d start projects, lose focus and stop. But with Shift/Co and Terri’s guidance, she is able to connect dots that I overlooked. Most importantly, she won’t leave you hanging, and I feel a sense of genuine partnership that most coaches do not provide. I am truly appreciative of her gifts & talents and her courage to really walk the talk. The Shift/Co community is a must for any conscious entrepreneur who prefers collaboration over competition. "  Beverly 

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